"I worked with Mr. Dutz on an engine program at Ford where his company provided Program Management services. Given the timing and cost pressures that the program was under, Jim worked closely with each team member on a daily basis. His tracking of engineering prototypes, cost status, a design freeze dates for nearly 20 commodities delivered engine build events on their aggressive timing. Jim's experience in managing complex engine programs allowed him to efficiently track and deliver what to others might have seemed like chaotic, multiple design levels within a single build phase. And all the while, he kept the most positive of attitudes and was able to build esprit de corps within the team. His company's ability to do this - to focus on building personal relationships quickly within teams under intense pressure - allows him to squeeze more out of the team members and to meet or exceed the most stringent timelines and budgets. This sets him apart from any other program management team I have worked with before or since. They aren't just trackers - they are partners with your team discovering hidden value that you might not normally have extracted."

-- Ford Manager 2007